The Merchant Sea.

Named so for the massive number of mechant vessels that call this sea home.
Also known as the trader sea.
Mechant fleets often rivalled that of the nations or city states they traded with.
Often a merchant fleet would be bigger than it's navy.
It is for this reason that there were little attacks in this sea.
However the mechants payed a preium for it.

Barzon announced it was making this terretory sovigern soil of Barzon.
And it's captains rule in lue of the emperor.
After this many fleets reduced in size some even sold there ships to Barzon for there fleet, why have guards when you have the navy to protect you?
This all fell appart many years later in 90 A.F during the Slaughter Blitz of Imperions
No only did they capture towns and cities but also they attacked the Port of Camponus where most of the fleet layed.
Destroying many of the ships in the docks and setting the town alite.

Not only did this cause a panic but also a massive lose in navy.
Pirates forced out of the Iron Fist sea came down and preyed on the now vunrable merchants, those from the cut throat ventured futher up to make easy picks.

It was many years later many of the top merchants in Barzon and its influanced areas met.
They decided that it was impossiable for a navy ever to protect them.
They all worked out a price fixing deal so none of them would be shafted though many of them wished to do so the lose of bussiness was to much.

After this merchants began creating vast fleets once again.
Even after Barzon started making ships again and demanded to buy off them they refused.
They said so long as Barzon can not insure our protection we will insure our own.

If all of the mechants banded together they could have perhaps one of the most powerful fleets in all the seas.
But it would never work because.
That would require the mechants to band together.

So now mechants often travel in fleets together with escourt ships.
Many times a naval force has come to geat them thinking they are something more than a mechant fleet.
However so long as you are in the mechant sea you should know something.
It is the mechant that rule it not the Empire.

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