"One day we were bound to have our revenge on them, the Zenko's will not allow the new age to exist, so the plan is quite simple. We send in the bulk of the new age forces to make an attack on the festival, The Zenko’s will no doubt see this coming, so we have a small force lead by Chieftain Saari cut through the jungle so that the festival is behind his force, the Zenko’s are in front of them and we are behind the Zenko’s. Darmbreth will not send out forces to assist the Zenko’s in their efforts to kill Chieftain Saari. Yes brothers I know you may view it as being cowardly but, the main force will not engage the Zenko’s we will simple be there to force them to fight. They will no doubt figure out we will only move to fight Darmbreth if Chieftain Saari forces manage to break through and yes if they do break through the Zenko’s we will strike. This plan will involve a lot of sacrifices brothers but, even if we only succeed in kill the Zenko’s we will allow the new age to finally exist. If Urgoth willing we manage to break into the festival it will show all the Orcs of Darmbreth that the new age is the true will of Urgoth.  My brothers this needs to happen if the new age is to survive in Darmbreth.” Alexander turned from the fire his men all knew what was about to happen, but it was for the greater good for the new age.
As Chieftain Saari moved away from the fire and his men followed him Alexander’s second in command Jace walked over to Alexander “Is it your fine with using Saari for this, even though the Zenko’s killed his son and the rest of their tribe?” Jace inquired.
“It’s good that he and his men want revenge it will mean they will fight harder they will fight to the end and more importantly when they and the Zenko’s have been eliminated it will only be the new age who takes credit for killing the slaughters, Saari smart he knows what is going to happen but he can’t get the task of revenge out of his mouth. He wouldn’t be a good solider of the new age but, he’ll play his part and so will his men” Alexander turned around and walked over to his men.
Looking up at the moon with its eerie red glow he smiled, Urgoth would be smiling on them tonight. “All right men it’s time to move out, tonight is the true dawn of the new age.”
The scenery chances from a cold hard jungle with shadow figures to a mighty tree without any signs of danger.  Where the figures of two Elves could be seen looking out over the jungle with tonight’s unusual moon. Behind them in the branches closest towards the trunk lay two little Elves, Sol’heme at age five and Larroth at age eight. Rei and Yoshirou Zenko looked over their children with smiles another year had past of hunting, surviving and slaughtering had gone on as normal, the festival will be here with the dawn of the next day, life could not be better for the Zenko family.
Sol’heme was stirring around some Elven children deal with the horrors of Darmbreth better than others but, they always came back to haunt Sol’heme in his dreams. Waking up in a cold sweet, he saw the figures of his parents Sol’heme slowly claimed town.
“You’re going to have to leave pretty soon Rei if you want to make it in time to be conspicuous during the festival.” Yoshirou said in an unusually low harsh pitch.
“I just want to spend the night with you this is really the only chance I get to see you in the year” Rei said looking down to where the other Zenko family members we’re spending the night. “You’re afraid she’ll come here?”
“No, I’m just concerned she’ll stop being there...” looking back to his two sons behind him “For them” Yoshirou said in the same low harsh pitch. 
“Please just the night?” Rei said with teary eyes.
“Alright.” Yoshirou said in his usual harsh voice rapping one of his arms around Rei.
After that Sol’heme slowly drifted back to sleep.
The scenery scales down to the large trunk of the tree Yoshirou and his family are in down into the undergrowth where most of the other Zenko family members are sleeping. Two identical male Elves are sitting on the opposite sides of the same tree. Their eyes are moving around for the movements of predators. Sleeping around the base of the tree are five men, six women and ten children. The snap of a twig and a knife is thrown in that direction. A figure walks through the darkness the two brothers drawing their swords. Yoshirou steps out of the shadows.
“You’re a bit jumpy” Yoshirou said in a harsh voice.
“You’re terrible at impersonating a Zenko” The Brothers said simultaneously and in the same pitch.
“What gave me away?” The impersonator of Yoshirou said.
“Zenko’s don’t make noise, when There is the smell of bloodlust in the air.” The brothers said simultaneously.
“I’d call it justice” The impersonator said as his form changed to reveal himself to be an Orc.
Before the brothers could yell out for the others to wake up the Orc griped each of them by the throat, their swords stabbed into him but his gripe wouldn’t loosen. One of the brothers withdrew his swords from the Orc and hit them up against each other the sound of steel on steel awoke the Zenko’s at the base of the tree. The five Zenko males that were asleep appeared behind the stabbing into his back the Orc dropped to his knees, but didn’t let go of the twins.
The Scenery flashed back up to where Yoshirou and Rei are sitting on a branch. Both of their eyes are darting all through the jungle.
“This is bad we’ll be surrounded soon, take the boys now and get them to safety, now!” Yoshirou said as he jumped of the tree heading straight down to where the other Zenko’s were fighting.
Rei ran over to the boys and picked one up with each arm jumping to the next tree branch after the next tree branch both the boys were confused but stayed quite as their parents always knew best.
Yoshirou saw the conflict below him between the Zenko’s and the lone or he dug his shoes into the side of the tree to soften his landing and then withdrawing his pair of swords severed both the Orc’s arms. The twins fell to the ground starved of breath.
The Orc lay on the ground smiling even though he was losing blood and had no way of fighting.“You know your all going to die, I really hope you do know this... just let it sink in” The Orc said as all of the Zenko’s around him put one of their swords into the Orc, then he fell silent.

"What's going on Yoshirou where are my sons?" Rei said as she walked over from where the women and children had started to stur.

"There safe Rei I need you and Emi to take the children to the Festival." Yoshirou said survaying the area.

"We can't bring children to the Festival!" Rei Said to Yoshirou

"Baka! Would you preffer they die, I don't have time for this now take the children and Emi now!" Yoshirou said scwolling at Rei.

All the children got up, Rei and Emi stood infront of them.

"Children I'm going to give us alittle help getting away from the Orcs you may feel abit weird but, it will help us get to safety" Emi said with a smile as she cast a spell after this all the children began to run towards the festival

"We have to charge now before they surround us closing in the children with us." Yoshirou said as the remain men and women

prepaired for combat

"I"ll take the mitsukai archers and we'll cover the children as they escape and make sure you don't have to deal with a flank"

 Kimiko said has here three of the other women equiped themselves with bows and archers braces leaving behind two both wearing holy symbols of Darmbreth around their necks.

"Tsuin I want you in place to take out the second of command of the attacks I'll take out the Commander after that we'll pick them off one at a time as usual." Yoshirou said the twins noded and faded into the shadows.

"Pateren can we have Darmbreths blessing." Yoshirou said to the two young girls.

"In the holy name of Lord Darmbreth give us strength in this trail so that Darmbreths enemies will fall and his faithful with survive the coming strom."  The two girls said clutting their holy symbols

"Alright it's time to move out. Sisters stay behind us and tend to the fallen." Yoshirou said as the group began to run through the jungle.

The scene changes to Hu the son of Chieftain Saari over looking the Zenko's about to make their up hill charge with eight other orcs and an Orc in robes next to the Hu. All with rather large spears prepaired for the incoming charge and their swords plunged in the ground beside them for after the charge. The Zenko's all with swords drawn now at a within firing range the Orc in robes began to make hand symbols as the began their approach. The twins appeared on both sides of the Orc and plundge their four blade into him periecing his heart and lungs the Orc dropped to the ground dead.

"Hold against the charge I'll kill these two" Hu said to the eight Orcs braced against the charge.

Just as the Orchish mage fell Yoshirou let out a low whistle and the ground underneath him rumble and the ground he was standing on started to move up the hill at a tramendous speed just as the Orcs charged from the brace were about to strike Yoshirou let out another low whistle and he guilided throw the air towards Hu landing a blow on his left side just at the waist.

Yoshirou's pet that had just burst from the ground was a gaint lizard with seratted scales with one of the Orcs in it mouth started swiping at the others . The Orcs had been forced to drop their spears and switch to their swords as the Zenkos charged from behind as they attacked to Yoshirou's pet. After the blow on Hu was landed, Hu moved inbetween the twins and swung his sworded at Yoshirou as the twins ducked Hu changed the swing into a throw and the blade was hurled at Yoshirou as the blade left his had he drew a short sword impaling one of the twins in the gut. The thrown blade was deflected by Yoshirou as he charged Hu landing one blow decaptating him. When the fight with Hu had ended Yoshirou turned around to see all the unnotable Orcs had died with no injuries other than one of the twins being stabbed in the gut.

"How are you Brother?" the other twin asked

"Nothing the Pateren can't deal with brother." the other twin responded one of the young girls ran over to the injuried twin and black scales started to appear over his wound.

"What should we do, stay here and fight them or catch up with the children and guard them?" one of the twins said to Yoshirou

"There will be a second wave this force was just put in place to hold us until the surronded us as long as our mitsukai take care of us that won't happen after we have engage the main force here we will catch up to the children and hopefully we will have kill all of the attackers before they reach the Festival." Yoshirou said to the Zenkos.

"I see why the choose this spot here you can see everything in the direction of the Festival for miles I mean look at that over there" The injured twin point to movement in the Direction of the Festival. Yoshirou's eyes widened.

"There not targeting the Festival, their here for us ... Just us." Yoshirou said as a disheartened look was struck upon his face

"We have to go back the children will surely die if we don't." Yoshirou said to the Zenkos

The Scene changes to the Mitsukai archers running after the children in the background are serveral dead Orcs all impaliled on arrows. The archers all notices movements on either on their left and right sides all of the Mitsukai exchanged looks, once the figures had gotten far enough infront of the Mitsukai all of the six figures appeared infront of the Mitsukai all Orcs riding on gaint tigers. All of the Mitsukia despered around running up the tree and shotting at the tigers legs as they were fleeing in verious directions. The Orcs all took one of the Mitsukai as a target the tigers now wanting blood for their wounds, with the tigers wounds the Orcs allowed the Mitsukai to regroup. When the Orcs found the Mitsukia again they had positioned themselves back towards the Zenkos that were fighting on the hill overlooking the Festival. Three of the Mitsukai had their bows drawn and the others had switched to Elven curve blades to protect the Mitsukai archers.

"What did all of this pointless running around achieve where you hoping we'd be out of breath and esay to find?" One of the Orcs said addressing the Mitsukai.

"Take a look around you stupid Orcs, you to far away from the children to catch up to them before the reach the Festival" The lead Masukia said.

"Hmmm, you think we were after the children sorry thats for Alexander's offside to handel we were more of the lady killer types." 

The Orc said back to the leader of the Masukia.

"We shall see." the lead Masukia said defiantly.

 The first volley of arrows before the charge killed two of the tigers as the Masukia with Elven curve blades struck another two tigets down, the two tigers that survived the charge each held a dead elf in their jaws. The Orcs attacking from their mounts landed both land one blow on the same Elf breaking her in half. The remaining Elves attacked the Orcs that were dismounted slicing all of them to peaces just as they had finished the Orcs still mounted charged from behind crushing two of the Elves that they landed on the Lead or then leap from his mount and engage the lead Masukia after disarming here with a powerful blow he grapped her by the throat and crushed it.

"Just two of us left huh,The Zenko Women didn't leave up to their legend?..." said the Orc as he a blade perieced through his chest.

"Always confirm your kill" The Mitsukai leader said as she cough out her last breaths and died.

"Bitch I'll won't ...die" The Orc let out a low groan and laid still.

The one orc left mounted his tiger and left in the direction of the children. The Scene switches back to the Zenko's on top of the hill.

"I'm afraid you won't be going any where Zenko" Chieftain Saari to Yoshirou looking down at his dead son "You know that's the third son you've taken from me and your not even content with that you'd kill and kill until their was nothing left, and we're that is the Orcs are supposed to be the bad guy well at least were not breed to slaughter your kind its just the dragons that we want but, your their loyal guard dogs" as he said guard dog Yoshirou's pet leapt at him he caught it by the bottom jaw and ripped it off, "Your not just happy with being blind you have to attend to their every whim well its about time the elves and all the other dragon worshipping fucks got what they deserved a hole six feet deep in the ground, but your not deservent to be burried your a dog and your master doesn't care for you in the slightest, we're just putting you out of the missery of your meaning less lives and their so much biting back at those whom are doing you a favour NO NO NO you say LORD DARMBRETH is our god he would never do anything that was not in his peoples best interest well well well elves your not even his people, he won't come to save you now die"

"You killed my tokage your going to pay for that" Yoshirou said as he signaled the twins with a small hand twitch,

The twins appeared on each side of him both being grapped and slammed into eachother. The twins were then thrown in opposite directions.

"It's about time you got here, now kill them all." Chieftain Saari said as the remained of his tribe turn up on each of his side so they could force the Zenkos onto the lower ground if the combat went well. Eight Orcs on each side making sixteen, seventeen with the cheiften against in total to the eight Zenkos.

"Your death will be here Zenko, this is for my sons" Chieftain Saari said staring down Yoshirou.

Yoshirou jumped over his now dead mount and began furriously swiping at Chieftain Saari the Twins started to get up and move to a flank for eachother. The other Zenkos each spilt into two groups on of three and one of two the older and more experienced looking were in the group of two and they each engaged eight Orcs on each side. Chieftan Saari block Yoshirou blows with a the flat side of his gaint battle axe.

"Now its time!" Yoshirou yelled out and all of the Zenko's eye started to bleed and their eyes darted around for the opening in the Orcs forms and attack all of the Zenko's slayed an Orc except for the twins and Yoshirou, Cheiftain Saari had seen through the attack from three sides and had two of the twins swords in the guard of his axe and the others twins and Yoshirou blades just rested at the throat of each of the elves Yoshirou had been put into a head lock with the Cheiftain's spare arm and the Saari was forcing Yoshirou close to the blade already at his throat. Yoshirou put his blades at the side of the Orc and sliced just as he kicked off the Orc causing him enough pain to let go, the twins jumped back at this opertunity. The battle in the back ground had thinned down to three Zenkos against ten orcs and now the Zenkos were flanked as the youngest two had fallen and the other young Zenko was force back to defending the backs of the more experienced Zenkos.


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