This is where they took the concept that you become one with the light to an extreme they believe that you can see pardise each and every day but as impure as we are it burns us.
It sits in the sky each day reminding us that it is waiting for us so when we depart our body we can help fuel the earth.

This revolves around sun worship of a kind.
The premise is this that the sun gives life and waits for it's life to be returned a contuined cycle of renewing returns.
It is in this way you should live your life, you give to be given to.
Building a building gives you shelter for the rest of your life and others shelter to.

It has a strong community focus however it focus on community leaves the individual wanting or perhaps lacking.
They do not have strong tenents on what one does with their other time and is sometimes seen as lacks in it's duties as a church by other light belief systems. However compared to the other two light belief systems it has a stronger repore with the nature relgions as it belief in cycles rather than in ends,


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