The Priate Sea.

Once haunted by the priates of Opious and there reign streched far led by Famious pirates such as Tatatino the Red beard, Bill of the Blooded Fist and Loanza the Flash all held one craft lorded by all others.
The Black Howl, the floating fortress, the flagship, the island.
The Howl had many names however she has not been seen on the seas for many years now.
However this does not make people feel safe, when there was a great priate personaility they knew what the Howl stood for at that time and the priates united behind them.
However at the moment.
The pirates are nothing but cut throats, seizing what they can after Imperious attmpts to extend is reign on the seas not only that but both the fleets of the Grand Covergance and that of The Tower of the Artizil have also pushed for more contol of the seas.
But everyone fears that the Black Howl has fallen to someone who does not with to leave reports of it's sighting and simply kill all who see it.

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