Short for the State Sanction Slaughters or Scions of Sao Lous Salvation.
Known primarly as the former.

The SSS is been a powerful semi poltical semi relgious group that has appered after the tragic attack on Sao Lous.
They claim responceability for helping save the city against the Black Howl and the distruction of the underground rebels which allied themseleves with said pirates to plan and carry out terrorist attacks on Sao Lous.

The SSS group is based in the city of Sao Lous, it's most proment members are of non human decent, popularizing the intergation movement.
Dispite this the group known to have many supporters if not out right followers with in the city.
With strong ties to the Church of Seven they rebuilt the relgious instution after it's distruction during the Howl attack of 8.9 AF

As much as it is known for it's stong ties to Church and intergation movement it is equally known for short and sorted history.
They are blamed for poltical assinations, causing roits both in Sao Lous and abroad, civil unrest, terrorist attacks on Sovergin Imperious cities, larecney and fraud.
Dispite all of this the Group still in good standing with the current Liegh Generalship of the city.


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