Most well known of all of the light cultures is the trinity.

The belief goes like this in all things there are three and you must pure.
There is the inner, feelings.
The outer, what you do
And the beyond, what you think.

In all of these you must be pure.
An imperfection in one can drag the others down.
One must not simple think virtuiously like that of the seven virtues.
One must not simple act virtuiously like that of the sun people.
One must not be caught by temptation like that of the darkness.

In all things there are three use this wisdom to arm yourself against those whom would seek to harm you.
The Halfing would tell you there is two, preditor and prey, but there is three preditor, prey and the field in which they battle, nature.
The elementalist would tell you five, metal,water,wood,earth,fire and this nature, but there is three the light, the dark and plant.
With too much of one or the other it would die, that it why it will always remain on this wretched world because it seeks to embrass nethier.

If there is not three than it must be by three, three by three or three side three but they are always three still. If you are pure your shadow will stay but your soul will join with the light of all things and you will know happiness beyond messure.


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