Val'shar the Bueatiful danger.
Val'shar godess of night lasions (lovers and killers)
Val'shar the posionious one.
Val'shar spirit of the forest of evil.
Val'shar bringer of ecstasy
Val'shar the haunting.

Val'shar is a dragon god much more like the tradional spirit gods humans worship.
Many Val'shar elves do not see her and believe her to be ethier a spirit of the forest or a dragon spirt.
In all variations of faith she is always the mother to her children.
Unlike other mothers she is uncarring or perhaps unforgiving, she wants her children to relie on themselves and there family rather than her.
It is believed she set her children into the world and they ruled the whole world until she left on a journey away, when she returned all that was left of her great empire was what is now known as Val'shar forest.
So disgusted was she with her children that she did not even help them claim that which they have now.
She said unto them "The world is yours all you must do is take it"
Wile her words are simple nothing could have been worse for the elevn people many believe that it was an edict of conquest.
Others however believe that she was saying one must believe in oneself to succed.
Others had a more self attuide still, what you can take is yours.

Each clan has there own dragon god.
They give praise and succor to.
Each family maybe blessed with a dragon god of there own and when they become old enough they break away and become there own clan.
Each dragon is considered to be the tribes anstors and the living embodiment of faith.
Some humans have seen how tangiable this connection is.
A young clan had there faith killed and after that they simple stopped.
They stopped eating they stop drinking and died, the slave traders that bought the broken elves were not pleased.
It is understood that it is from a young age that the children learn of this connection but not before learning surival and craft as not to forget her words "the world is yours, all you must do is take it"


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