• Caladors

    Sol'heme was preparing him self for this day every since he learned of his brothers betrayal at age 13, not the day that he would capture his brother but the day that he would have to defend the Zenko name, too keep his betrothed promised by the Hoshin family after an arrangement was made with Yoshirou Zenko (Sol'heme's father, also the head of the Zenko family) and Yuuma Hoshin (Natasumi's father, also head of the Hoshin family). The marrage was intented to stapple the two families as the strongest of all of the darmbreth families. After the Yuuma found out about Larroth's (Sol'heme's brother) betrayal he cancelled the agement between Yuuma and himself, leaving Sol'heme with the shatter dream of rebuilding his family.

    After convincing Capt…

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