Sol'heme was preparing him self for this day every since he learned of his brothers betrayal at age 13, not the day that he would capture his brother but the day that he would have to defend the Zenko name, too keep his betrothed promised by the Hoshin family after an arrangement was made with Yoshirou Zenko (Sol'heme's father, also the head of the Zenko family) and Yuuma Hoshin (Natasumi's father, also head of the Hoshin family). The marrage was intented to stapple the two families as the strongest of all of the darmbreth families. After the Yuuma found out about Larroth's (Sol'heme's brother) betrayal he cancelled the agement between Yuuma and himself, leaving Sol'heme with the shatter dream of rebuilding his family.

After convincing Captain Korsoph that he was on a romantic quest to snatch Natsumi Hoshin from the grips of any elf that would try to steal his betrothed from him.
Explaining to the Captain the betrayal of his brother to his people and that he was unable to wed Natsumi until he brings his brother to justice. The Prim Rose and her crew set sail for Aquious as the Captain in a display of heroics promissed that if it was by the water he would get Sol'heme as close to Darmbreth as possible to sweep his damsel in distress off her feet.

Four days into the trip to Aquious from Sao Lous a terrible storm started to surround the ship battering the crew and the ship creeked abit more than usual even the hardy sailor were thinking about the worst during the storm, but not the captain standing in the crowsnest laughing and waving his sword in the air.
Sol'heme ask "Will the ship hold through the storm?!" Korsoph turned and laughed "The ship will do more than hold boy! This storm will shave 5 days from our trip, the gods must want you to get to Darmbreth!".
Solheme smiled for he knew that lord Darmbreth wanted him to be in Darmbreth in time for the festival.
Finding himself in Aquious 5 days ahead of time Sol'heme spent 2 days of rest before entering The Jungle of Darmbreth He knew that haste is not the best course in the jungle.

Sol'heme wasn't aiming for speed he had taken a longer course in the hope of finding The Flower of Darmbreth (legend has it that the flower actually grew from a cast off scale of lord Darmbreth but, the flower only grows in places where the ground is regularly feed with blood, only in the den of preditors and once it has grown it never withers) 
Luckly for Sol'heme there is no shortage of preditors in Darmbreth.
After carefully climbing high branches Sol'heme had located a flower of Darmbreth below him was the flower and also 20 very hungery looking raptors, the best stand 7 foot tall and their pericing yellow eyes speak to what the jungle is, but Sol'heme was far more concerned by their teeth and talons.
After a minutes assessment Sol'heme had his plan, unfortunatly for him a death adder had wrapt itself around his left arm looking the snake directly in the eyes Sol'heme remember that the symbol of the light and the black howl was definitly death adder eye coloured.
Before having a chance to kill the snake a great eagle swooped down picking the snake of Sol'heme's arm and leaving a gash across it, at that moment the wind changed direction and the raptors eye lock on to Sol'heme.
The alpha male and another raptor appear almost instantly on the branch Sol'heme was occupying in a flanking position.
Just as Sol'heme thought his life was about to get simpler a great shadow appeared above Sol'heme.
The raptors and Sol'heme turned to see a huge ape with spike knuckles, blades coming from the side of its hand to its elbow and tusks protruding from its mouth, Sol'heme knew this was the leader of a hunting pack and that there are always more apes. Bracing himself on the branch the apes mighty arms swang down cuting the branch into prefectly even peices.
Sol'heme was in the middle and held strong staying on the branch and falling with it jumping of it just before it hit the group.
The raptors had landed behind him and directly behined him was the bull of the ape hunting pack now Sol'heme looked up to see the tree full of apes luckly smaller than the one behind him beating their chest in triumph and the second in command was standing directly infront of Sol'heme.
The Seconds fist came down directly at Sol'heme, he sidestep barely missing the blade on the side of its and put all of his power into his one change, thrusting all of his strength into the apes elbow using his eyes to guild it into the back of the alpha ape.
The blow didn't even breach the hide of the great ape but, it did get his attention, the raptors that were fighting the alpha ape ran, by the time the ape had completed its turn all the apes had stop beating their chests and making noise.
Sol'heme glanced down the flower was still unharmed, the apes began to beat their chests again and the two apes threw a powerful blow at one another, as Sol'heme dived for the flower.
The two apes hit each other the Alpha landing a killing blow across the smaller apes jaw breaking it clean off and the second had only hit the aplha in the chest barely breaking his hide.
Sol'hem ran up a near by tree and ran, looking back to see the apes feasting on their fallen brother.

The next day as Sol'heme was reaching the end of his journey, he spotted 3 Orcs dragging a dead Elf.
The largest of which was claiming that Alexander would reward him greatly for finding out when the elves festival was, one of the smaller orcs raised the point that they had no idea where the festival would be heald.
Just as that happened a Darmbreth Elf male stepped out from near by cover, standing 5'10 with brown hair and brown eyes 
"Well I'm glad you don't know where the festival is. Now would you all please die?"
The young elf moved his hands quickly in arcane symbols shooting out 3 schoring rays the two smaller orcs were insinerated instantly the largest however bounced with the blow only getting badly burn.
Dropping the dead Elf he charged at the Elf drawing his battle axe, just before he reached the elf Sol'heme appeared behind him stabbing him directly through the heart and the orc was completely unaware. Not that Sol'heme would tell anyone but, today was the first day he had killed a pure blooded orc.

Sol'heme instantly recegonized the Elf as a member fo the Chiyo family (as only members of the Chiyo family have brown eyes). The Chiyo family believes that numbers is the way to survive for that is what it means thousdand generation and that is their families only claim to fame.
The Zenko family believes that only through skill can one's character be defined if you can have one elf with the skill of a hundered it is better than having the hundered elves.
The member of the Chiyo family said to Sol'heme "I'll take you too the festival". He agreed and was lead on whilst making sure his wound didn't reopen his ring baring the symbol of the Zenko's (two elven longswords cross plades). "Ahh, a Zenko, I'm Daichi Chi-" Sol'heme said in a rather crude manner "I already know who you are." They continued the rest of their journey in silence.

Coming to a burnt out area of the jungle. The stem of acid still rising from the depree left over. Several of the Elders (Black Dragons) were seen in their Elven form around the burnt out area, any Darmbreth Elf can identify an Elder as they have the same yellow eyes that they do in their Dragon form. Scar approciated the two Elves throwing his arms around Sol'heme

"Ah, Sol'heme it is good to see you. How many Revealings has this been 5th or 6th?"

"This Would be my 6th."

"Well its okay, (Taking Sol'heme under his arm) I know the real reason your here. I would miss it either."

Then the two Elves saw Natasumi.

"Sol'heme! I haven't seen you were this big, how have your travels been? Alots been changing here." She said in a rather excited tone.

Daichi threw his arm around Natasumi "Yes alot has been changing around here."

Natasumi stepped away from Daichi "Your so lame Daichi."

Sol'heme put his hand on his chin to think for a moment.

Scar threw his gaze to Daichi "You see Daichi that's what smart Elves to think before they speak, you just like to run your mouth don't you?"

Daichi responded "Yes, Elder."

Scar kept his gaze with Daichi "What do you mean "Yes, Elder." I'm insulting you"

Another strange looking Elder (Female) appeared with a weird headress "Still paying with your Elves Scar?" (spoken in Draconic)

"Still playing with your Cats?" (Also Spoken in Draconic)

After a short time of small talk tell Sol'heme tell the others about his travels, All of the Elves older than 15 were gathered for the Revealing, none of the young ones had any idea what was going on (including Natasumi as she had just turned 16). The Crowd had gathered in a circle, a younh rather charasmiatic Elf walked into the centre of the circle.

"Hello my children, I am Lord Darmbreth" all of younger elves looked to eachother in confusion

"I know its confusing my children but, let me show you." He smiled, than the smile warped revealing sharp teeth and black scales growing and growing intil it turned into a gargentuane black dragon.  Natasumi backed away towards Sol'heme.

"Come my children." All of the Elders gathered around Lord Darmbreth and turned into various sizes of Dragons.

The notable huge Dragons Selena-Sol'heme's Trainer, Scar-Selena's Brother and the Strange Elder.

"Let my festable begin!" Lord Darmbreth said rather happily.