• Zenko

    The Night of the Zenko Massacre

    November 18, 2009 by Zenko

    "One day we were bound to have our revenge on them, the Zenko's will not allow the new age to exist, so the plan is quite simple. We send in the bulk of the new age forces to make an attack on the festival, The Zenko’s will no doubt see this coming, so we have a small force lead by Chieftain Saari cut through the jungle so that the festival is behind his force, the Zenko’s are in front of them and we are behind the Zenko’s. Darmbreth will not send out forces to assist the Zenko’s in their efforts to kill Chieftain Saari. Yes brothers I know you may view it as being cowardly but, the main force will not engage the Zenko’s we will simple be there to force them to fight. They will no doubt figure out we will only move to fight Darmbreth if Ch…

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